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Van Duren Painting Contractors:

Interior Painters Canberra

Are you tired of the current look of your Canberra home or office? Is the current paintwork peeling or fading? A fresh coat of interior paint may be all it takes to give your home or office a much-needed facelift. Van Duren Painting Contractors is your trusted partner for a professional interior painting job in Canberra.

Van Duren Painting Contractors:

Colour Considerations

Choosing the right colour for your Canberra house is overwhelming given the vast choice of brands and colours on the market. Consider the colour and texture of your bedding, pillows, or window curtains in the room when selecting a colour. 

Ask your interior painter for paint sample cards which is a good reference to work from and compare next to items in your home. Working with a professional and experienced interior painting contractor like Van Duren Painting can help simplify the process as we offer a colour consultancy service with our paint job to match the colour scheme and architecture of your home or office.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring An Interior House Painter

Preparation is the first step in getting ready to paint your home. Surfaces should be clean of dirt, grime, and grease before painting can commence. Any damage should be repaired, such as filling holes or plastering chipped areas before receiving a fresh coat of paint. 

Hiring the right painter is essential. Consider someone who has a good track record in your area with a proven track record. The interior painters at Van Duren Painting are fully licensed and insured to perform a quality job at an affordable price.  

Make sure you are aware of any additional costs involved in the painting job like the time-consuming moving of large or heavy furniture, hard-to-reach places and cleanup time. Factor these into your budget. A true professional painter will disclose any additional costs. 

Why It’s Important To Use A Professional Painter For Interior Painting Jobs?

  • Professional painters have the experience and know how to complete the job much quicker and with the right tools to secure a professional outcome than a DIY paint job.
  • They will know what is the best paint and finish to use on your interior walls.
  • They are licensed and insured to protect you and your property.
  • Professional interior painting contractors have experience in preparing walls correctly to make the paint job last longer.

Why Choose Van Duren Painting Contractors For Your Interior Paint Job?

  • Van Duren Painters have been providing service to Canberra and the surrounding region since 1951. Throughout this time we have gained a reputation for trust, efficiency and quality workmanship.
  • We have the necessary skills, experience, tools, and products to successfully complete the job.
  • We will recommend the right colour of paint for your interior.
  • We are licensed and insured.
  • Every job is given attention to detail, no matter how large or small.

Van Duren Painting Contractors:

Van Duren Painting Contractors for Your Commercial Paint Job

Van Duren puts clients first and takes the time to listen to your needs and budget concerns. We work with the best products, latest techniques and expert skills to get the job done.

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