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Van Duren Painting Contractors:

Griffith Painting

Whether you want to increase the value of your home or business or simply create a space that feels like your own, a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference – and the right professional Griffith painting company can make it happen. All you need to know is what style you want to create! At Van Duren Painting, we’re proud to employ Griffith painting experts with extensive industry experience and a proven track record of delivering top quality for our clients. Want a new look for your own home or business? Give Curtis a call on 0418 210 494 to book a consultation with the Van Duren Painting team, or find out more about our services below.

Van Duren Painting Contractors:

Residential Griffith painting

Is your home exterior looking a little worse for wear? If so, our Griffith painting team can help return it to its former glory. With a broad range of residential painting experience across New South Wales, we know what local homeowners want and how to exceed expectations.

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Commercial Griffith Painting

It’s no secret that a great coat of paint is key to making a good first impression on potential customers and clients. By the same token, a shabby paint job can turn them away. At Van Duren Painting, we have extensive experience in working with business owners and delivering highly professional results and always ensuring that safety standards are upheld.

Repainting and touch-ups

Even perfect paint jobs wear over time, and the deterioration can lessen the value of your investment. Rather than accepting the decline or paying for a whole new paint job, you might consider investing in a professional touch-up. Our Griffith painting experts are well equipped to match your existing colour and texture and leave your paint job looking brand new.

Van Duren Painting Contractors:

Give your home a new look that lasts

The Van Duren Painting team is all about creating lasting results for clients, and when you invest in our Griffith painting services, you can expect quality results that stand the test of time. Ready to invest in paintwork for your home or business that makes the space look and feel refreshed? Call Curtis on 0418 210 494 to discuss our services and book a consultation with our experienced painters.


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